MIDA seminar | Modeling neurological disease using cerebral organoid

Dove e quando

Genoa, Italy – December 6th, 2022

speaker: Bruno Sterlini
affiliation: DIMES | Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale – Università di Genova
date: December 6th 2022, 2:30 pm (italian time)
venue: Genoa (Italy), Polo Valletta Puggia – Università di Genova: DIBRIS-DIMA (aula 705) and Google Meet

Modeling neurological disease using cerebral organoid

abstract: In the last fifteen years, induced pluripotent stem cell technology (IPSC-tech) has led to a new era in the fields of human disease modeling and drug discovery. Thanks to this technology, we are able to generate stem cells from somatic cells of patients and, from them, obtain almost any kind of cell type desired. Recently, the IPSC-tech coupled with the generation of 3D structures in vitro (organoids) has provided models closer to the physiological condition and thus may be better suited for studying disease pathology. Since studies on humans’ brain are ethically and practically challenging, this approach has been broadly applied to generate cerebral organoids. After introducing this topic,  I will talk about how to develop a cerebral organoid model for neurodegenerative disease, focusing on the early phase of Alzheimer's disease.


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