Meeting | Zagreb: ESWW2022 – European Space Weather Week

Where and when

Zagreb, Croatia – October 24-28th, 2022

ESWW is the most important annual meeting in the European Space Weather and Space Climate calendar. It's an international event organised by European community of the sector, in collaboration between various leading exponents, such as scientists, engineers and satellite, aeronautical, meteorological and STEM operators. The ESWW meeting is interdisciplinary in nature and promotes the study and research of new technologies and machine learning approaches in a a space weather context.
The ESWW2022 – 18th Edition will take place in Zagreb and is managed by the HVAR Observatory and the STCE (Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence) [source:]


The MIDA group will take part in it with two oral presentations and a poster:

  • Session CD1 – Artificial Intelligence in the service of Space Weather
    "Probabilistic ensemble learning for flare forecasting and value-weighted assessment" – talk by Sabrina Guastavino
  • Session CD2 – Ways to improve our Space Weather forecasting capabilities
    "Physics-based machine learning for CMEs forecasting" – poster by Valentina Candiani
  • Session SWR1 – Solar source of Space Weather
    "Operational flare forecasting with video-based deep learning" – talk by Michele Piana


featured photo: Flammard,CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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18th European Space Weather Week, Zagreb
Last update 18 June 2023