Workshop | Maryland: SPHERE – Solar Physics High Energy Research

Where and when

Maryland, USA – June 20th-23rd, 2023

The SPHERE | Solar Physics High Energy Research workshop was held at the UMD | University of Maryland in College Park, MD. "Following from the highly successful RHESSI | Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager workshop series, the SPHERE workshop series is structured to foster the development of an integrated and unified understanding of high-energy processes on the Sun by bringing together experts in X-ray/radio/EUV observations, theory and modeling. The observations by STIX | Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays on Solar Orbiter and by EOVSA | Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array, as well as by many other current and upcoming missions, must be interpreted in conjunction with state-of-the-art simulations" [source:] 

The MIDA group present at the workshop is made up of Michele Piana, Anna Maria Massone and Anna Volpara.

Anna Volpara presents her "Mission observations" with the talk titled "The Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays on-board Solar Orbiter: from photon to electron visibilities".

Block schedule

During this trip, the same members of the MIDA group took part in a meeting at the WKU | Western Kentucky University, for a research visit to esteemed colleagues dr Paolo Massa and prof Gordon Emslie.


featured photo: © Michele Piana ~ Anna Volpara giving her talk

photo gallery: © Michele Piana ~ 1,2) Workshop in UMD, 3,4) Gordon Emslie, Anna Maria Massone and Anna Volpara, 5) WKU top view

Last update 24 June 2023