Conference | Prague: STIX colocation meeting

Where and when

Prague, Czech Republic – April 11-13th, 2023

STIX colocation meeting (Spectrometer / Telescope for Imaging X-rays) with exponents from STIX community (France, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy).

The MIDA group will take part in the conference with two talks by Anna Volpara and Paolo Massa.

Talk 1   
Title: STIX imaging methodology: state-of-the-art and algorithms under construction      
Speaker: P. Massa

Talk 2   
Title: Inhomogeneity and variability of the spectral index in flaring sources observed by STIX     
Speaker: A. Volpara

Program and presentations

Meeting Programme (pdf)


featured photo: ALZOE, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last update 18 June 2023