Conference | Arenzano: YAMC 2022 – Young Applied Mathematicians

Where and when

Arenzano (Genoa), Italy – September 18th-22nd, 2022

The Second Conference of Young Applied Mathematicians in Arenzano targets Master’s students, PhD students and first year's Postdocs interested in the fields of numerical modelling, numerical analysis, machine learning and statistics. [source:]

The MIDA Group will take part in the conference with the following four twenty-minute talks. 

For the “Machine Learning and Statistics” session:

  • “Robustness analysis of radiomics features in meningioma patients” by Isabella Cama
  • “Radiomics and artificial intelligence for stratification of meningioma patients: a clinical study with MRI data” by Valentina Candiani, as a continuation of Isabella Cama’s talk.

For the “Numerical Analysis” session:

  • “A fast and accurate method for colorectal cancer cells steady state computation” by Silvia Berra
  • “A novel method for the identification of the theta-to-alpha transition frequency from MEEG data of neurodegenerative patients” by Elisabetta Vallarino.

About the Conference:


featured photo: Dapa19, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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