Workshop | Pavia: GIMC SIMAI YOUNG

Where and when

Pavia, Italy – September 29-30th, 2022

GIMC SIMAI YOUNG WORKSHOP is the first workshop jointly organized by GIMC (Gruppo Italiano di Meccanica Computazionale) and SIMAI (Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale) involving young scientists in the field of applied math.
The MIDA Group will partecipate with a MiniSymposium organized by Sabrina Guastavino and Sara Sommariva entitled 'Mathematical models in biomedicine: from optimization to machine learning'.

The MiniSymposium involves 10 speakers including Isabella Cama, Valentina Candiani and Chiara Razzetta.

Link to the conference website:

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© photo by Sara Sommariva

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